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After 20+ years in the tattoo industry Tattoo Inkarnation was established in 2012, since then offering tattoos of the highest quality, with the daily efforts of its artists has the intent to become a landmark in the country.


Each design is custom made ​​for the client, whatever it is a small tattoo or a back-piece, and it will not be made ​​more than once in a clean and friendly environment.


Only vegan colors and disposable equipment are used for the realization of our tattoos.

Meet the team


Tommy Lompad – Tattoo Artist och ägare av Tattoo Inkarnation har varit verksam sedan 1993, karriären började på Tattoo World i Malmö, på den tiden då det endast fanns 2 studios i hela stan.

Hans stora intresse för den asiatiska/orientaliska kulturen genomsyrar mycket av hans arbete och han har hämtat inspiration under sina otaliga resor i Asien där han också jobbat både i egen studio men också som gäst. Tommy har också jobbat mycket i Australien, främst hos Paul Braniff, Gold Coast Tattoo men också gästat en del i Italien, Studio Adrenaline.

Hans mångfald sätter inga gränser och han känner att det fortfarande finns mycket kvar att fördjupa sig i.


Simon AKA Swamon
– Tattoo Artist började jobba med Tommy Lompad 2010.

Älskar att göra blackwork/dotwork/geometric tatueringar men gör gärna annat också. Gillar att sätta en egen twist på sina tatueringar och utveckla kundens idéer.

Målar också mycke, säljer prins och original. Har en stor samling av färdig ritade designer att välja mellan. Gillar att jobba på tatuerings mässor och även besöka dom.


Gabriele Palumbo – Tattoo Artist was born in 1984, in Napoli, a city also called museum open air, it wasn’t a surprise he was so interested into art.

During his adolescence he attended school of Comix, where he studied illustration for two years. Some years later he joined the Academy of Fine Art where he studied scenography for a year and he also took lessons from a great neapolitan oil painter, where he fell in love with realistic style . But it seemed he didn’t found his way yet, until the day he started to help out in a tattoo shop of his city, from there the first steps.

In the following years he travelled around and in 2013 he finally got to Sweden, where he met Tommy Lompad, which took him under his wing, and where his interest about realistic and new traditional style is growing day by day.


What does a tattoo cost?

Our minimum fee is 1200sek, but the best way to get a correct price is to come in to the studio or email us for a cost proposal for your tattoo.

What time of the year is the best to get tattooed?

You can get a tattoo any time of year, during the summer you should just think of that when the tattoo heals (about 10 days), you should not sunbathe and not swim.

How do i take care of my tattoo?

  • We sell H2Ocean that you will use during the healing period.
  • Remove the plastic after four hours, then wash the tattoo with warm water and mild soap.
  • Dab the tabulations dry and lubricate it with a thin layer H2Ocean, ointment should go into the skin, inspires surplus inventory.
  • Do this 3 times a day for the first 3-4 days. After you have built up a scab so suffice it 2 times a day (morning and evening) but keep rubbing in the cream during the day so it does not dry out.
  • The healing period takes 10-12 days.

I’m very allergic, can i still get a tattoo?

It is best to talk to your doctor, if he advise you NOT to, so do we.

How old do I have to be to get a tattoo?

We have an age limit of 18, no exceptions!

Do you draw all tattoos by hand or can i come in with a picture of my chosing?

All our tattoos are ”custom work” which means that we draw and design for you according to your ideas. The easiest way is to come in and talk to us about what you want and what we can make of your tattoo ideas. It is always good to bring a reference image. We do not do tattoo designs by other tattoo-artists.

Can I make an appointment to tattoo over the phone?

We do not take bookings over the phone in regular but if you live abroad we can arrange it.

Do you have gift certificates?

We sell gift certificates that are valid for one year.

Do you take credit cards?

We accept cash only.

Do you have any other questions please contact the studio 040-798 01 or e-mail us!

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TUESDAY – FRIDAY: 11.00 – 17.00 SATURDAY: 11.00 – 15.00 SUNDAY – MONDAY: CLOSED

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